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Richards RealtyWe are writing this letter to let your office know that we appreciate your excellent work and careful research. Your office did a great job with SEO and SEM, so that our website could rank high on Google, Bing, Yahoo and the other top search engines. Moreover, you put great effort to add a distinction to our website in real estate marketing and networking around the world.
We also want to thank your Office for going the extra miles, spending the extra time, being so prompt and being devoted to our website. We at Richards Realty Group have already noticed we are getting a great return on our investment from your office doing the work. With that said, we are delighted that your office did our SEO and SEM work and your staff certainly deserves credit for doing such a superb job, that was careful and impressively executed.

Sincerely, for Richards Realty Group - Willie Richards, CEO

Hello Mr. Flek, before hiring your optimization services aan informations were ranking very low at search engines. Especially the alexa traffic rank was very bad. We are glad to inform you that, after the seo services from your company, we have better positions on SERPs and now we have a 5 digits traffic rank on Alexa. That'd be greatly appreciated if you'd keep up the same pace with our monthly plans also.Aan Informations
We are very much impressed with the quality of your services, that's the reason why we requested your services permanently for our company information's website. Keep up the great work.

Cheers!! Davin Seb, Aan Informations Ltd.

Business TweetsIn fact, Rob (SEO Guidances) recommended your services, but we were not confident at the beginning. We didn't expect any greater change on our positions at first. But the changes you've brought were amazing. I've personally never thought that we could rank well on Google for good keywords as our brand name was relatively new then. But you really could do what you had agreed.
Hereafter anybody ever request seo services, I'd be glad to recommend your name to them.

Wishing you all success, J. Peterson - Business Tweets.

We got your information from Google result pages when we were searching for a search engine optimization service for our new website. We didn't know anything about your services or your previous references when we approached your for the first time. But we were sure that it will bring some results because you could rank your own websites well on Search Engines. Yes, now we also rank good. More than that we've good traffic now a days.Free Press Release Distribution
We're 100% Satisfied. Jameson.S, Free PR Distribution.

Professional Carpet SystemIt was such a competing niche, here at US. I was not sure that we also can ever rank good for that. But you could make it true. It's just wonderful to see my results on top of Google. Hats off, NewGenre. Keep up this quality with you. Nothing is impossible with steady quality work. That's true..
Thanks and Regards, Ramakanth, Professional Carpets.

Yes, I'm also a happy customer of NewGenre. Though I don't have to expect much from Online Business, you've made my online presence to the maximum. Thanks for your great service, also I must mention about your frequent updates and reports. I am glad to tell that your services are highly professional. Our only problem was paypal was not allowed here. But it was worth to do wire transfers to get such a quality service.Rending Max
For Rending Max Designs, John Samuel.

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