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FB X-Tab WP Plugin DownloadPlus FBmaxed2.0 Facebook Landing Page HTML Templates and WordPress Theme

fbxtabWhat’s inFBMaxed 2.0 FB X-Tab:

1) DownloadPlus!

– Create Facebook Page with Like and Share gating in only 1:30 minutes!

– No WordPress require, no codes involved, no hosting required!

– Point-&-Click Easy

– Create UNLIMITED pages from within a single dashboard!

– Easy management of all your pages!

– Collect Emails and Names from people liking your page! (talk about list building!)

– Ready with tutorials!

– Full-time customer support!

2) CouponPlus!

– Facebook page with Like + Share gating, and your special offer unlocks only after

a number of shares are achieved! This is the REAL VIRAL marketing on Facebook!

– Top marketers use this setup!

– Create Unlimited Pages as well!

– Collect emails and names too!

– Tutorials? Yes, ready!

– Point-n-Click Easy

– Customer support, definitely!

3) FB X-Tab WP Plugin

– Still wanna use WordPress for your pages? We have this plugin for WordPress too!

– Separate theme, you can run WordPress normally, and have a separate theme for Facebook!

– Create UNLIMITED number of FB Pages in a SINGLE WordPress install!

– Manage UNLIMITED number of FB Pages in a SINGLE WordPress install!

– Add as many pages as you like from WordPress to Facebook!

– Menu supported too!

– This is the best WP Plugin in the market thus far!

4) Product Showcase and FB Landing Page HTML Templates

– Create salespage in Facebook!

– Showcase product packages with different prices in Facebook too!

– Sliders, clouds, tags all in!

– Sample available!

5) WordPress launch theme

– Do GURU launches in Facebook!

– Launch funnels supported

– Videos, salespages, sliders, you have them!

– Sample available!

Look, DownloadPlus and CouponPlus are both TRUE Facebook Apps. They are going

to add more apps to the members area every month! (official fbxtab website)

Click here to watch the FB-X-Tab Video


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